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Large scale vintage/2nd hand shops

I’m build/run a website indexing model trains and prices from hundreds of shops :sweat_smile:

Many people seem to use my site to find vintage/2nd hand models, so I would like to add more shops selling vintage/2nd hand models to my site.

Can you recommend any such shops?

(I’m in Denmark myself, so a bit lost concerning foreign shops selling vintage/2nd hand models).

Thanks a lot for your help :+1:

Welcome to the forum, I have no idea on how well this would work here in the U.S., but give it a go and see what happens. My personal feeling is the collecting of vintage model trains is a lost part of model railroading today here in the U.S., but maybe world wide it’s still going on. I have a few friends that are trying to sell there Lionel collections through hobby shops and sales are so slow, I feel sorry for all the money they have invested in them and can’t get much return on there investment.

I tend to agree with John here. I think the collectable part of the hobby had exactly two cycles. The first one was the kids that had Lionel and American Flyer, grew up and wanted them as a ‘reminder’ of their youth. Then their kids wanted them because “dad had these and I thought they were cool.” But there isn’t the same kind of thing happening now, very few people want this stuff taking up space.

Hardly anything made and sold as a “collectable” will ever have any secondary market value because everybody saved one . What gives something saved it’s value is rarity.
Just my opinion.

Quite frankly, it’s NOT an investment, it’s just a cost - no matter the size.

Welcome to LSC Mads Phikamphon

Thanks a lot for the comments on my post :+1:

I have now added the shops you recommended to my website, so you can now find models and compare prices across 1,300+ shops from all over the world.

Would love to hear what you think and if you are missing something on the site.

What an amazing site, I have no idea how you’re doing it!

I poked around a bunch, and it was great to see, for example, who is selling Piko’s electric switch machine, and for how much, all over the US and the world. Pretty mind blowing!