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Labor Day Run on the C.V.S.Ry. (lots of pics)

After spending almost the entire spring/summer working on getting our house painted and restoring our crumbling back porch, I finally had the time to get the railroad in shape. There was just enough time to run a test train and take a bunch of photos with my phone before the rain moved in. Sorry no photos of the top end of the RR :frowning:

Here, the test train is on West Escape` Bridge crossing the patio we restored 2 years ago. A few buildings that made their way up from Ken’s await more permanent homes on the RR…

This shot includes what took me all summer to do: Restore the floor and replace the posts and railings on our back porch. The train is about to enter the gardens at Coal Dump Curve…

The planters are as far as the plants that I rescued from Ken’s layout made it. They look good here, but won’t survive the winter, so I need to get them in the ground or find a place indoors for them before winter…

Coming into Coal Dump Curve. Wall Station and platform have never made it back outside. Maybe next year…

Approaching Indian Hill Bridge…

After traversing the mainline to Pine Summit, then turning on the wye, the train is now heading downgrade across the bridge back into the curve…

In the curve and headed home…

I planned on running a few more trains and getting pictures at the top end, but the weather beat me to it. Tornado warning was just issued, so I’m signing off to duck and cover :open_mouth:


Thanks Jon;

Those GE 44ton locomotives remind me of my little battery locomotive. It is pulling the Tin Cup car, which is a perfect companion for Tin Plate equipment.

Best, David Meashey

Hi Jon! Wow, the railroad and gardens really look great this year! Labor Day is just the beginning of operating season! Love that 2nd to last photo best!

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Great pictures Jon. The railroad looks good and I like that second to last shot as well.
Hope that tornado fails to show up.

It fizzled fast. Looked nasty for about 10 minutes, then nothing. All 20 miles South of me.

Thanks Jeff. I need to re-size it again. It shows up too narrow in the regular view. Just click on it for a enlarged and then click again for full size.

great pics Jon, thanks for posting

Great to see some action on your railroad, Jon.
Every small bit of progress is a step in the direction of FUN, and enjoyment.
Thank you for sharing.
Fred Mills


Thanks for taking us on a ride through your garden!


Gorgeous work Jon, wow!!
Ya gotta be proud of that!!

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Awesome shot !


I “personally” like this one as well!!

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The porch came out great .

Thanks Sean. It took me over 4 months, but I’m pretty happy with it. Should have taken some ‘before’ shots before I started demo. I fould these in some RR pics from a few years ago…

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