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Kadee Trucks / Roller Bearing Caps

My newest shipment of Kadee trucks have a nice little bonus. Every box contains two spare roller bearing caps.

Will you be painting them blue?

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I have been thinking I want some on my cars, but first car I painted was one that the ends do NOT spin! Rrrrr!!

I noticed that too in my latest order. But also found 2 had fallen off and loose in the box. :thinking:

Rooster, with the projects I have on the drawing board, I’m sure eventually some blue ones will show up. :slight_smile: Pete, no spinning, that’s no fun. :smiley: Dan, yes, I’ve run into that too. :open_mouth:

Nice! Shane, can you post a couple pics of a truck, when you get a chance? I’d enjoy seeing the detail.

Of course I can Cliff. Do you want to see one fresh out of the box, or painted and weathered?


In Use - I like the way the treads start to shine up after some use just like the real ones. They look a lot better outside in the sun.

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Very nice Shane, thanks!

I have noticed a black residue on my trucks from the black wearing off my cars after the extended run times from the open houses, 4 days and about 4 hours each day of 11-12 car trains. Good thing I am battery power !

A certain some one gave me my first set of Kadee large scale trucks. While not cheap I think I am going to bite the built and use them on at least all my log cars. I needed a Bettendorf truck and these are a nice looking, heavy truck, with metal wheels. Its a win all around for a skeleton log car.