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Just a shout out to Tony

Well one thing I believe very much in is customer service. Lets face it I had many choices in RC equipment and at the end of the day any of them would have gotten the job done. But I went to Tony because of recommendations and his reputation. Well first off he was great at helping me decide what my needs were and picking out the right equipment. Then when it came time to order he gave me a ship date of a couple of weeks because he was going to be on vacation. Well he took it with him and mailed on the road at the first open post office. I got it very shortly after. Then after I installed it I had a unique situation that was not defined in his directions. It took a great deal of patience to work me through what I am sure for him was a very simple issue but for me I just wasn’t getting it. He stuck with me until it sank in after a few emails.

So I say thank you to Tony. Great products are one thing but great customer service will win my business every-time.

Thanks for the kind words. It has been my pleasure to assist you.

If ever you do get a problem, like what happens to a TX handpiece if the battery is left switched ON until the battery goes flat.

Probably nothing but possibly the programmed neutral on Ch # 1 can shift and make the TX inoperative.

If that happens there is a really easy fix.

  1. Centre the Ch # 1 knob.

  2. Turn the TX handpiece ON.

  3. Withing 60 seconds press and hold the bind button for 20 seconds until the ON - OFF LED goes out.

Let bind button GO, reset completed

Yeah, Tony’s one of the good guys.