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Just a reminder for Memorial Day

Keeping Ken and other friends with us.

On Memorial Day the flag should be
flown at half-staff from sunrise until noon only( in honor of those who didn’t make it home),
then raised briskly to the top of the staff until sunset (to honor those who still serve),
all in honor of the nation’s battle heroes.


I want to give my proper respects now as I am busy through Monday. The Traveling Vietnam Wall is here through Memorial Day and we have Opening and Closing (Taps) Ceremonies every day. Wednesday we put the Wall together, Tuesday is disassembly.
I better get moving, got 20 minutes to get out of here.

I have a cousin Thais on the wall, saw the full wall in 2006, and about 3 years ago the traveling wall at a park close to the house

Protocol executed in Hawaii. I have two classmates whose blood stained the sands of Mesopotamia. O.D. and I also did d tribute at Church yesterday, using her arrangements of “Mansions of the Lord” for two trombones and soprano and bass. As a congregant said, “It [remembrance] does not get easier [with time].”


Nice tribute for those assembled.
I agree with fellow parishioner