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JRMI Switchlist/Manifest formatter

Just discovered this add-on for JMRI

I saw that posted over on FB and went and looked at the sample pages. I think I like the stock format batter :open_mouth:

If you come up with something better than his samples, post it up!

Ideally I’d like something in this format. This guy re-types his every ops session.

Maybe I’m not as familiar with JMRI as I think, but I’d like to see a side by side of the JMRI print out vs this. They still don’t look right to me.

I may be ill-informed, but…
It does seem like just more paperwork, in preparing for each operation. (BUT OF COURSE, to-each-his-own)
I suppose that if there is only one operation a month, with as few as 2 to 4 trains being operated; the preparation time would/could be, justified.
For those of us generating 6-10 (Or more) trains for operations EVERY Saturday, during the Summer; it might be too much work…
The number of cars, and trains, involved has a lot to do with the work needed to prepare for the operations.
Just one simple sheet (We call them “Train Orders”) is all the train crew needs in their hands…during our operations…no dreaded Car Cards, and waybills. !!
…and no frustrating, “Fast Clocks” to irratate, those who have trouble figuring out switching moves.
We try our durndest, to keep the fun in OPERATIONS, and prevent frustrations…!!

That is a JMRI Manifest on the right. IIRC the Switch List in JMRI is one page per location.

I see I received an “Unamused” reaction to my comments…it would be nice to have an explanation…
I know that we are acting stagnant, and in the past, by still using RailOps…but it still works and keeps our operations, on the “Happy Side of Life”…!!
JMRI has been considered, but at this point, even without “Support”…RailOps is still doing the job…for us.

I was looking at the downloads vs Bob’s pictures. The downloads from the site just look like JMRI with a little tweaks. I want something along the lines of what Bob has a picture of.

Is RailOps still available to download? I never tried it but an slowly pursuing different options. I have a feeling I’ll just be hand writing switch lists for a while.