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I’m looking at build reports, trying to figure out why certain cars don’t move and others move often, One thing I notice is that before the build analyzes a car that’s not moving it’s already filled the available destinations with one that has moved recently.

SO -

Does anyone know how JMRI picks the order of cars to run through the build engine?

I’m thinking there is probably a car parameter I can change to get more action on my slow movers.

They pick the car with the fewest moves to move first, and I think that applies anywhere, not just yards.

So if you have two boxcars to pick up, but only enough moves to get one, itll grab the one with the fewest moves

Thanks Bob. That’s how I think it should work. Just did a test build and it seems to be following that. It looks like my problem is that I don’t have enough destination track for the car types that are slow moving.

Oh - and I just notice something really cool: Open windows automatically update instantly. I had the Cars and Trains window open to look at the move counts as I built a train. With each Build or Reset in the Trains window the Cars window updated to reflect it.


Yep, thats a neat feature. I wish it was smart enough to not open multiples of the same window, though.

OK heres one fer ya…

As planned I have three switching locations and a staging yard connected by a mainline…out of staging the First Station is a mid 20th Century Industrial type theme…the next stop is a lumber industry theme…and the end of the line is a mining camp…each switching area is reasonably independant of the others.

I s it possible to generate a switch list just for a specific switching area? IE if I only wanted to run the Lumber area one day, could I get a list for switching that group of industries, and have a list of cars that I needed to set put and their locations at industries?

Yes indeed. In fact, that is what the switch list button gives you - a list BY LOCATION. It’s the manifest that gives you all the switching that one train should do along its route - thanks to Jon for pointing out THAT distinction.

Then you print out a list of cars and only get out the ones that are starting there as well as any going through.

It’s a pretty neat concept.

Bruce is correct - OR - you could also define trains that service only an individual location. Run the train that service the industry you want to service that day

I’m interested in doing operations like this myself. Thanks for posting.

Ray Pratschner said:

I’m interested in doing operations like this myself. Thanks for posting.

Then you should hook up with Andy Clarke or Ric Golding who live in Nashville IL and Carlyle IL, respectively.

There’s a host of fellows out your way that are into Operations.

Ray Pratschner said:

I’m interested in doing operations like this myself. Thanks for posting.

Ray, you’ll want to talk to Andy about this as Ken said. He’s about an hour east of the river off I-64 and has an operating session the first weekend in June. I’d be more than willing to bring you along if you want – it’s a good time and it’s not all that hard to get into.