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JMRI Operations: Using a Phone/Tablet rather than paper

I don’t know how long this feature has existed in the Operations section of JMRI. My copy was 9 years old before I upgraded to enable this.

JMRI has included a Web Server for a long while. What is new (to me) is the ability to display a Manifest or Conductor screen on a tablet with only a web browser.

The Conductor page is interactive. It pages by stop and has check boxes by each pick up and set out. It will not allow you to advance to the next stop until all both boxes are checked.

The jury is still out for me as to whether I prefer this over paper. I still need to review a manifest before moving the train as blocking is pretty much a requirement on my indoor RR. Some stops are facing point, while others are trailing point with no space to drill cars if they are not at the right end. On the other hand, having the fail-safe of checking the boxes has saved me from missing a move which I do quite regularly. Hauling around a tablet is about the same as a clip board and paper. The advantage is you won’t misplace the pen (your finger).

Has anyone else tried this? I so, what are your thoughts on Paperless Operations?

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Jon; The guys here don’t want to carry more “Gizmos” around with them, and easily accept a simple sheet of paper for their train orders.
Of course, we still use “RailOps” here on the IPP&W, and have found no real need to change to JMRI. We have investigated JMRI, and it is there if we feel the need for it, so we don’t in any way reject, or find fault with it.
In case anyone cares, or is interested. We have had a very successful operating year, and the enthusiasm has already started for the 2023 operating season. The IPP&W/RP&M/OVGRS is alive and well, with growth and upgrades planned for the new year.