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JMRI Article in MRH Oct Issue

I thought I would pass this information on to those of you using JMRI to do ops planning. The current issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist has a short article about JMRI and operations planning.

The link to the Oct 2013 article is Skip to page 112 if you don’t want to read small scale modeling stuff. FYI this magazine is a free online hobby magazine, and they keep all the back issues archived online. So if 6 months from now, someone new is trying out JMRI as an ops program, give them this link. :slight_smile:

I can’t really give an honest review about the article as I haven’t played around with JMRI too much. Hopefully you guys find this useful.

MRH is a great source for all things railroady. There are a bunch of tutorials on JMRI there that helped us get up to speed. Ill have to look this review over.

Bob McCown said:

MRH is a great source for all things railroady.

My only complaint is that MRH doesn’t run large scale articles. I contacted them about writing an article but they said they would only except a large scale article if it could relate to HO or N scale. Seems kind of exclusive to just HO and N, but overall it’s a great source of information.

Actually Craig if you write a modelling article with scaled drawings that can be resized for other scales or information that can relate to all scales they will produce it. Dick Whitney a LSC member and member of our club has written a couple articles that they have produced. Dick also has several articles that have been produced in Narrow Gauge Gazette over the years.

Not to get to far off topic, but my article idea for MRH was pretty much shot down because it was “large scale”. The editors told me that it was a good idea, but it didn’t relate to the magazine because they “don’t feature” large scale articles. This was a couple of years ago, so maybe MRH has gotten more open to the idea of having a large scale article. Again only if they can figure out a way to relate to the smaller scales. Personally I think that platforms such as MRH would be a good way to show what large scale modeling is all about, and draw some new blood. I’m guessing that the editors are thinking that large scale modeling is “garden railroading” and not model railroading that happens to be outside… Big difference.