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Jim Rowson NGRC open house

Tomorrow, July 8, is my turn in the NGRC open house barrel.


Things started a touch early with a visit by Rick and Patty Marty. They are heading home super early tomorrow, so we found a way for them to see the Durango & Jasper today.

We had a nice long chat, including with my sister and BIL who are here to enjoy the chaos.

Hopefully, I’ll have more pics tomorrow.


Looking forward to it! I am sorry other obligations precluded Clan Mueller’s travel and participation in the convention, so your photos will fill in the gap!

Best of Luck Today!


Crowds! Lots of good comments and nice people. Got to meet Pete Lassen and wife in person.

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Looks like you had a good turnout that’s great.
We want to thank you again for making it possible to visit your RR ahead of schedule and chat with you, your sister, and BiL. Also a special thanks for the chocolate chip cookies for our drive home. We made good time on our drive and arrived home safe in spite of all the crazy people out there on the highways.

For the forum members I just wanted to tell you that the pictures of Jim’s railroad and his build projects do not do them justice. They are far more inspiring in person. Really enjoyed the opportunity of seeing it live and in action, thanks again Jim.

A man enjoying the tranquility of his railroad before the arrival of the “bus” with the hoards and all their questions. By the way Jim, how did the answer sheet work out?


It was great to meet you Jim, and your layout is so much more than what pictures show, awesome doesn’t begin to describe it

Really wish I could have stuck around more to get pictures in the good full shade of late afternoon! Thanks for being open and your place was the talk of the day!!!


Rick Marty , Jim said you had just left when the bus showed up,would have loved to say hi to you too!!!