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Jigstone molds for sale. Mostly the stone ones. $100+shipping?

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Bumping again. Offers?

Bob do you happen to have a picture of the finished product. I am somewhat having a hard time deciding what they are or will look like.and if I might want them.

Are these still available?


Yes, still available.

Have you used these with gypsum or cement?

The original instructions said to use them with patching cement, which seemed to work well.

If you are planning to leave any JIGSTONES buildings, out in the weather; DO NOT USE ANY CEMENT containing GYPSUM…ask me how I know…!!
Fred Mills

What I’ve done to assemble Jigstones is to build the wall/structure one side at a time on a flat surface. I used Welder glue to piece them together. I let everything dry over night and then fill the gaps with Quikcrete crack filler. This creates a neat, long lasting unit.

Here’s a portal made from Jigstones that has been on my layout for 15 years.