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Jackson & Burke passenger set inaugural run on the C.V.S.Ry

The Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway recently acquired a vintage Jackson & Burke passenger set from the fallen flag R.G.S East in West Grove, PA. The cars needed only a good cleaning to remove the heavy build up of dust from several years in storage at both the J&B and RGS East. Seen here passing Wall on the C.V.S.Ry. during their shake down run today…

Operations went smooth with Porter #3 able to handle the load up our curving grade and then around the wye as seen here…

There was one small glitch getting around the wye. The ‘brake hose’ on the Kaydee couplers dragged and hung on the concrete at Walk Crossing… A RIP order was issued immediately on return to the yard.

In order to entertain the small group of test run passengers, the consist was tucked into the siding for Walk Landing while a double headed drag of empty coal hoppers worked up the grade…

Due to the length of the coal train, #8 was cut off at Pine Summit and ran around the train through the wye, taking position at the rear. The train was split in half and #345 brought the first half around the wye and held short of the mainline switch while #8 shoved the remainder of the train around the wye…

With the full train put back together, #8 returned through the wye and is seen here about to take position on the main ahead of #345

The small group of passengers was treated to quite a bit of action while they waited for the coal train to pass before heading home. This last shot was taken just before the coal drag left town…

It looks as if the track crew needs to get out there and do a little spring leveling and ballast replacement as well as weed control. That will need to wait a few weeks as the entire staff is involved in an all-hands-on–deck effort to remodel and paint the HQ building.

It can’t be put of indefinitely as VIP guests from Colorado are scheduled for a mid July visit.


Great to see Bruce’s beautiful cars get a new home and see some action, atta Boy Jon.

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I asked Bruce this in a private message, but his reply didn’t answer. The middle coach car “Jean” is not a Bachmann Jackson & Sharpe car. It’s likely Bachmann, but earlier. Can anyone ID it?

Only Bruce or Ken can answer the next one, and unfortunately Ken won’t be answering :cry: The Combine has some damage to the rear end. About 1/3 of the end beam is gone and the step is broken. I was just wondering if that happened on the J&B or on Ken’s RGS? It is a pretty easy repair if a donor car or frame is available. If the story goes to Ken, I’d likely not fix it and detail in some real looking damage and create a story of wild day at the RGS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think that happened after they left here, but I really don’t know.
By the way, as I recall I put lights in the cars, but I suspect that the batteries are long gone.

The battery holders still exist. I was able to get one car to light, one would not and I forgot to test the third.

So, I think I’ll concoct a backstory for a major mishap and see if I can dress it up to look like crash damage.

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Folks who say the clip off the Kaydee “brake hose” with side cutters either have some crazy strong hands or bolt cutters, I tried it years ago and couldn’t do it. So, for these cars, I used my Dremel with a fiberglass cut off wheel. Even that was a struggle and the coupler didn’t like the heat.

I’m almost certain you have NEVER considered yourself a WEENIE! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I always pop the steel out of the coupler first. Then I use a big lock cutter to snap it shorter then reassemble. I tried using regular old side cutting pliers and it didn’t do a thing.

I had to do that once, and my best “dikes” has a nice hole in its jaws.