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It Works! - Soda blasting

I bought this cheap Sand Blaster a couple years ago and today I finally got around to trying it out. I loaded it up with Baking Soda, set the compressor for 90psi and tested on an LGB boxcar. I’m very pleased with the results. A very smooth matte finish surface is left and it sure beats the IPA or Brake fluid soak method.
I know this tech has been mentioned here before but thought y’all would like to see it in action. Sorry about the shaky video but you need to wiggle the gun to keep the powder flowing.


Hummm…I’ll be damned …I didn’t believe it …welp you tried it and I didn’t kudos to you!!

So you don’t have to repaint the main color , that’s pretty good!

Well I’m impressed. Good job!

Dan, soda blasting has been around for quite a while in the dental industry and has progressed from low to high with a brand name unit “prophy jet” sell for $3000 to $4000 which is kind of out of the reach for most people. In dental it is used to clean stain on teeth in the patients, mouth and is basically a air powered sand plaster that uses a refined baking soda ( the baking soda is rolled in a drum to make it more round and get rid of the sharp crystal edges). Since its arrival many me too’s nave come and gone but simple air driven ones an be found on line for as little as $15.00, quite a difference. Just search prophy jet online, add a air compressor, and a connector tubing from DCI @ $ $30 and you have one. HP Tubing, 4 Hole w/CT, Asepsis Straight Gray and

Handpiece 2 Hole Dental Hygiene Prophy Jet Air Polisher System Tooth Polishing

Handpiece 2 Hole Dental Hygiene Prophy Jet Air Polisher System Tooth Polishing

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+$1.36 est. tax
$6.48 delivery

PN 432T

I learned the hard way, that is you are too aggressive, you get down to the base plastic color!

DIY tooth blasting, wow… What could possibly go wrong? And if you do mess up, that cataract problem might become a non issue!

Thanks for the backstory, Bill, and raising the topic Dan. I might just get one, haha!