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ISO... Lefthanded Saran Wrap

So my baby boy was working in the kitchen this evening after a 12hour work shift and struggling with Saran Wrap to save leftovers for later.

I said: “Son, do you need some left handed saran wrap” ?

He said: "Yes …do they make it dad?

I said: “I don’t know son but I will ask the old guys on the train board”

He said: “Ok cool let me know if they do cause I’m gonna go crash”

So I figured I would ask for the boy cause he’s tired and has MANY work years ahead of him?

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Turn the box 180 degrees for left handed wrap.

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Now a days they make it in a spray on for a better seal

but do they make it for left handers?

Like the advice above, turn the nozzle a 180 degrees.

I could pick some up when I go to get the plaid paint.


You can get good deals on the stuff in military surplus stores, as it is used to seal open cans of relative bearing grease.


OK, problem solved so can we move onto Theories On Grimace and kidzilla probably never heard of the guy himself !

Personally I believe there are still folks here on LSC that could assist these poor children . Even though the router/modem is going full score to the right of the video.