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ISO Aristo Right hand #30370 switch.

I am in search of an Aristocraft wide radius switch #30370. This is the 10’ diameter one. The prices on Ebay are crazy $75+ and the cheaper ones $35+ look beat up. I’m looking for a decent one that still has life left in it for a possible expansion off my mainline. I am considering setting up a switchback. A manual one will work fine. Thanks.


That’s the price you have to expect these days, as Aristo is no-longer being produced.

If you can find a “Beat-up” one, remember that the throw bars are replaceable, from GLX Scale models,. That is a part that is first to need replacing. As far as hand throws for them…I never use them; I make my own crude throws using flat angle brackets, along with washers, nuts and bolts…simple, and inexpensive…Others use their own designs. Rail joiners are available from USTrains…or use the rail clamps of your choice.

New switches are available, of the same radius from Piko, and USTrains…but then those are more expensive…they play well together with Aristo, LGB, Bachmann, and Piko track. Ties can be replaced with wooden ones, cut to size on a table saw…spikes are available from Railcraft/Micro-engineering. Anything is possible, if you try doing it yourself.

For others reading this thread; This example is a good reminder, that it is always wise to retain a good stock of track components…you never know when you might want to add a siding, or more main line, even though you might think your railroad is “Finished/COMPLETE”…a healthy railroad always wants to grow…be ready for when it gives the cry for “MORE TRACK”, and switches. It is VERY frustrating when you hear the cry, and have to go searching at the last minute.

Fred Mills