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IPP&W/RP&M Operations by the OVGRS 2018

Mike Hamer has posted his blog on the first operations session of 2018, Narrow Gauge ruled the day! Most of the old cronies are back and considering all the improvements made this spring everything ran smoothly thanks to Fred and the track gang. By the way Rick you’ll see I did get to try out the bib you passed on at Ken’s very handy.

I met this guy at the Train Show and I couldn’t remember his name.

As always, Mike has done a great job of recording the work and happenings on the IPP&WRR. Thank you once again. And Steve, thanks for bringing the updates to LSC. Another year is underway.

Doug Matheson our wise and omnipotent dispatcher had the following comments regarding the track changes.

The new trackage in Bell with the added crossover worked exceptionally well from the Dispatcher’s perspective. There was much greater flexibility in arranging to have 2 trains (and once three trains!) work in Bell simultaneously preventing some of the waits which often occurred in the past.

Also well done was the trackage replacing the old diamond where there is now a short shared piece of track. That short stretch is part of the IPP&W but the RP&M has running rights. Signals up and working thanks to Steve and Seanna and as you reported, no derailments or “safety” incidents at the new junction. The new industry sidings in the area were ready for use but had not yet been incorporated into the RailOp freight car forwarding system. That will be done for the standard gauge ops session on May 26 along with some new names honouring current OVGRS operators.

Steve McKenzie said:

By the way Rick you’ll see I did get to try out the bib you passed on at Ken’s very handy.

After such a long winter, it was great to be operating again.

We just managed to finish the three legs of our runs before a steady rain started.

The crew’s lounge kept us all dry while we stuffed our faces with grilled sausages in a bun.

c**" Rooster " said:**

Steve McKenzie said:

By the way Rick you’ll see I did get to try out the bib you passed on at Ken’s very handy.

After a full morning of operations hardly a single stain unlike certain fowl we know of! The pockets are perfect to hold your beer in.

The June 2nd operations was standard gauge, Mike has updated the blog even though he couldn’t make the session.

June the 9th was a narrow gauge operation session and saw a beautiful sunny day, and a full slate of operators. Mike’s usual detailed blog is now up:

Malcolm was quick with the video of todays standard gauge operations, looks like RS3 heaven.!ApuSckIj0HVCgdBo7tbbe3M215HOww

Mike’s blog is now up:

I see the fence in the back yard is gone and if I didn’t know better Fred looks like he moved to a more up-scale neighborhood…(

Actually it appears the upscale neighbourhood is coming to him!

By the time, July 12th-16th rolls around; there will probably be a new Cedar, privacy fence across the area. It will look a lot better than the old chain link, which was way past its best before date.

The contractor, working on the new houses, yesterday, was preparing the site for a new pair of patios, before moving in top soil, to be a base for sodding. The fence contractor is due to build the fence starting the first week in July.

The fence will provide a better backdrop for the railroad, and may even allow for a bit more room for building faces, at Bell.


Good morning Fred,

And Happy Belated Birthday. Looks like you made another anniversary of your trips around the Sun.

Are you having to move any of the trackage or building at Bell to allow the fence construction?

Old Charlie would be proud.

See you in less than a month.

A belated Happy Birthday Fred. I guess there was a beer or two but I hope you had some cake as well!

Ric, and Alan;

Thank you both for your good wishes.

The fence will not interfere with the railroad; in fact will probably enhance it…!!

The old fence came out without great effort, and has been disposed of. The contractor, and new neighbours are most co-operative.

Yes, Alan…bheer and whine flowed in a mature and moderate manner…, speaking for myself…I became pleasantly mello…!!

It seems that I have been reported as “He behaved himself…moderately !!” …there was a grand cake…or two…or three…!!


Here’s Mike’s bog from June 16th.

Steve is rather busy, so he hasn’t posted here lately.

Mike’s Blogs keep reporting on our OPERATIONS. We have only had one “Rain Day” lately. Last Saturday’s Blogcan be found by going to the regular LINK, on Steve’s last posting.

This coming Saturday, July 7th is looking good as far as the weather is concerned. Our major HEAT SPELL, may be over by then.

The next week is leading to the Invasion weekend…

Fred Mills

Finally back from a weekend of boating and organizing a trip down to Oshkosh to enjoy my other passion aircraft. But finally the link to Mike’s most recent Blog.