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Invasion of Friends, 2019

As usual, the annual INVASION of Friends starts on Thursday, July 18th…

It would be nice to hear from those planning to attend, so that planning can be completed.

The Railroad is in great shape, with several major upgrades, and improvements in the operations.

Fred Mills

Plans are for us to be there.

Me too…(

Reservations are made so I can get to this years invasion. I’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.(

All is well here…

The 2019 Invasion of Friends, starts less than a week ahead.

Already Don Howard is searching for Ken Brunt’s source of “Egg Rolls”. I let him in on the secret; “Golden Palace Restaurant” on Carling Avenue in Ottawa West.

The Egg roll party can spring up on any or all of the evenings of July 18th, 19th, or 20th of July. Ken Brunt decides; often with a gentle prodding from Jan Golding, or any number of the great people attending…even Don Howard hisself…!!

Are you attending ?..have you let everyone know ?..

Fred Mills

My reservations are made too, I think, …Fred?..(

Yes, Ken…all accounted for…have a safe trip…


Our plans are to be in the Belleville area of Ontario for the OPs at Barry’s on Wednesday, head to Doug’s on Thursday and be at Fred’s on Friday and Saturday. Sunday we come back to Finger Lakes Live Steamers for the gathering on Monday. By then, we should all be tired of each other and need some rest.

However, I believe the next weekend is Trainops at Al’s, Bob’s and Stan’s in the Boston Area and the Weekend after that is the Finger Lakes Live Steamers 50th Anniversary celebration. Long Island Bob is dragging us to Coshokton, Ohio after that for Dick McCoys Large Engine Run at Mill Creek Railroad. Thank GOD for calendars, this is hard to keep everything scheduled.

Dave Marconi has arrived safely in Ottawa. He has dropped in at Fred’s, and seems to be in great spirits. All is well.

Jan and Ric were at Barry Birkett’s, in Bellville Ontario, along with John and Noelle , for a Wednesday operation.

Slowly the “Invasion” moves closer to Ottawa…

Fred Mills

Pics or it never happened Fred …Remember to provide them for those that cannot attend “as you expect from others” at events?

Rain greeted us in Belleville, Ontario as we arrived for Ops. Bonnie served a wonderful lunch and we began Operations as the sky cleared in the afternoon. John brought his custom ore cars as a “show and tell”. Very nice work! People may be able to see them at Fred’s. Great example of a modeling effort. Barry has a great railroad with a very unique “Wye” that operates as the turning of power at both ends of the railroad. He is constantly upgrading his track and the railroad operates flawlessly. It is my understanding he is having a large Operating Session in August and I would highly recommend anyone that can get an invite.

Hello Ric and Jan!

I know you enjoyed our more temperate climate in Ontario during previous visits. But Saturday afternoon will be 91F but feel like 108 with the humidity. Fortunately the temperature will drop to 70F over night.

Next week will be more normal with highs in the 70s and cool nights for pleasant sleeping of 61F.

I got to Freds early and was able to tour the Railroad:

and then first day of OPs:

Some of the operators:

And I was honored with my cars being used in the operation proper


Bringing this back to the top as I would like to see more pics posted here on LSC not a link.

Great pics Hollywood!

Thanks Hollywood! Sorry we had to miss it again this year. Hopefully there will be a repeat next year (

Fred claims his is not a “Garden Railroad”, but there certainly are a few very nice scenes along the way that competes with the best of the gardens. This shot of Hollywood’s is a perfect example; if only that conduit were moved a few feet out of frame!

Fantastic pictures Hollywood, thank you so much for sharing. And Rooster said it, please post more pics of the event, looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

And most of all, thank you Fred for hosting the American Invasion of Friends.

So cool to see THAT locomotive in those pictures - just wonderful!

Bruce Chandler said:

So cool to see THAT locomotive in those pictures - just wonderful!

I remember discussing the “pre build” with him and talking about the hurdles he needed to overcome. I just said “Build it or you have no balls” …glad he did …one hell of a build and fantastic to see it traveling along with the OCS short fleet!