Large Scale Central

International Association of Roundy Round Runners

I would be proud to be #2 please. My inner and outer loops are roundy rounds. I love to sit back with my beer and watch;)

All Hail Boomer ! ! !
I too have two roundy rounds! Beer tastes the best with trains!
Is Bob going to give a badge for this too?
Are you keeping a member list?
I want to become a member!

Boomer, does the roundy round need to be your own, or does a club count if you don’t have your own.

Thanks Boomer:)

I’m In

eew eew, me too…me too…can I play, uh, can I? …:wink:

Well, my railroad is a point to point, and runs from Palouse to Bovil (or is it Bovil to Palouse?), but there is a large loop in the middle that runs past the farm and sawmill, so I guess that I qualify


I think that Vic should be honored with member # 1/2 for the ultimate Large scale Roundy - (so small it can’t even be called Roundy Round) Pizza.

I second

I guess I could qualify for membership: how else could I maintain the gardens and run trains.

However and I hope this does not disqualify me, there are a good many days when chores are in abeyance that I do maintain switching operations.

Feet in two camps? Maybe, but it doesn’t pay to shut doors in my view. (


Delighted Boomer (

I’ll join when I get “A Round Tuit”.

#8 from Southern Command checking back in

One please…


I can play roundie-round, however, it might be an hour or so, before it comes back…

I would think that would be OK with Boomer, one would just have to consume more adult beverages before the train came around again though.
I would like to become a member although I don’t have any track down. It all got torn up last year when we moved.

I would like to formally request membership in this organization.

My set up isn’t a roundy roundy, is a back and fourth, with a reverse loop at each end. But I do sit and watch 2 trains chase each other with no thought to actual “operations”. So maybe I should belong to the O&B subset of the 3R group, I dunno.

Hey Boomer, did you throw out an invite to Friar Fred? Maybe he could be the underdog mascot of the R3 seeing how he lives on the other side. (All in fun of course Fred)