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Interesting picture

So the company computer at work has a rolling picture program that shows when the machine times out. This picture showed up so I thought I would share.

Nice, that looks like one in Scotland I saw in an article a while ago…

I was hoping someone would recognize it. Thanks. The picture program does not list any info for any of the pictures.

Hogworts express
The Glenfinnan Viaduct: A Cinematic Icon. Made iconic by the magical Harry Potter franchise, the structure offers a peerless view of the stunning Scottish highlands. Get to know the world’s most famous viaduct—and the luxurious way to witness its beauty in person.

More information, thank you!

In the summer, West Coast Railways operates The Jacobite steam train along the line.

One of the few regular steam operations on the official network. (Most steam services are on restored private railways.)

@PeterT , That is a clever way to keep heritage fleets in operation! I bet someone still has some pretty deep pockets to keep that working, though!


I think the train revenue is shared between Network Rail and the steam train owners (NELPG, etc., as there are usually 2 rented locos involved.) West Coast Rail is a repair and service operation, and they keep the locos running.

I suspect it is a break even or profitable deal. Seems to have lasted many years.

Interestingly, most UK preserved/restored Railways are supported by lots of small donations. I “own” a yard of the North York Moors Railway, which was their fundraiser when they bought the railway from British Rail. They won’t tell me which yard though.

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Nice one, Wayne.

Reminds me of the Thomas Viaduct here in Maryland. Not as tall, but also curved, and 2-track. Its construction was finished in 1835, with horse-drawn trains being the first to use it. Still carries CSX trains!

Probably NOT horse drawn any more? :innocent:

Not if they can’t outrun the CSX diesels! :grin:

Here is another different, interesting photo in Chile:

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That is very cool. Almost unreal looking!

Found another interesting picture. From the 1800’s:


Couple more pictures for you viewing pleasure:



On the bike forum I read, the member is mocking up a period bike build. Check the picture he picked for the background: