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instant Santa

when i saw the years first santa on a german forum, i wanted one too.

here he is.

playdoo, watercolors and toothpaste (instead of missing white color)

Nice figure. Toothpaste for the white ? how long for it to harden?


I don’t think he would last too long on an outdoor railroad! (

David, it was the cheapest paste i could get. mostly chalk. took about half an hour at 95F.

right, Joe, for an outdoors-santa i would have needed other material and other color. but this one being well domesticated…

White toothpaste makes an excellent plug for holes in drywall. It was my choice when taking down pictures on walls…

A dab on your finger and Presto Chango the hole is gone! A lick of the finger and suddenly the landlord can’t find the hole nor proof of your deed!


today i found something, that might even be better. the white, we used in tipe-writer times to hide typos.

why they still sell it, is beyond me. i didn’t know, that we got so many blonde secretaries in town, who still paint over typos on computer screens.