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Installed Massoth XL Locomotive Decoder Jerky

Hello DCC Experts - I’ve installed a Massoth XL Locomotive Decoder into a customer’s LGB 20390 RhB Railcar……has two motor blocks. I set the decoder up using a Massoth PC Programming Module. Then I use a Piko command station with a Massoth Navigator in Operations Mode on a separate test track to test my locomotive installations.

In Speed Step 1 the motors operate very smooth. But I’m getting a slight jerky movement from the locomotive in Speed Steps 2 and 3, in Steps 5 and above it smooths out. All the factory default settings are being used: CV29= 4; CV49=2. I’ve only changed the lighting voltage to 5 volts: CV50=4 and CV53=4. I’ve tried adjusting the CV2=2 in the range from 1 – 6 and still get jerky movement including at the higher setting Speed Step 1 even is jerky. I also tried adjusting the default CV5=255 and CV6=64 to CV5=100 and CV6=50 but that doesn’t solve the jerky movement at Speed Steps 2 – 3.

Please advise how I can solve the jerky movement at Speed Steps 2 – 3.