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Industry in a Wye

another structure knocked of the list. this wooden model was a stand id for a long time

after pontificating for a long while finally came up with an effective way to fit the roof around those big smoke stacks (oil pipes)
i basically made the roof in two sections that fit back together. doing the corrugated roof added to the fun. so here is three views of the finished structure. the oil tank that goes with will be next up and is on the work bench.

Al P.

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Nice. But, when I look at it, I sure don’t remember seeing it last summer - where is it, exactly? :innocent:

Kind of hidden against the back wall, on the outside of the wye. Can’t remember the town names, sorry :frowning:

I like how the once distracting pipes add visual interest to the little building.

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Nice way to put those pipes to use.

Echoing the others, that is a really clever way to incorporate those pipes into the scenery!

the town name is Vance Jct. the Wye is situated on top of the horizontal oil tank. i built he railroad directly over the top of the tank. early on (but after the RR was in place) i did replace the oil tank.

Al P.

That is a clever way to disguise the pipes. Will you be painting them black up to just beyond the roof line of the building?

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I considered it, but i think just having the same color as the backdrop works for now. they are really close to the front wall and would be hard to consider smoke stacks. i should have installed them closer to the wall but that was done over 20 years ago. party of the RR was in place but industry not necessarily planed.

Al P.

Today’s update. the oil tank and is supporting features have been finished and placed along side the main building.

The oil tank started as a piece of 4" PVC pipe (4.5") which i wrapped in .020 thick Styrene. i initially tried PVC cement for the first layer, and all looked good till the next morning, when i found several areas had softened and bubbled the Styrene. this i had to sand down and apply some filler to. the next try on the center wrapper went better, as i just used the capillary action of the Plastruct cement, which is PVC compatible. this worked good, but the inner most surfaces were not glued down. the man-way is a piece of 3/4" PVC with some Styrene flanges, and Tichy Nbw"s, and rivets finished it off.

one last thing to do is make up some valves and pipe coming of the bottom, and perhaps find a suitable pump to run off the hit and miss engine.

Before i finish the scenery in this area i need to finish the four pocket coaling bin on the adjacent mainline.



very nicely done. very practical use of a difficult area.

Time for a little update. i have been working on the former big pink rock cut, the last big area of foam exposure on the indoor railroad. the first picture is heading out of Ridgeway yard.

this is looking back towards Ridgeway Yard.

looking from the far side of the Wye.

I am still trying to figure out how to get in there and finish the back wall. classic
example of finishing the backdrop first-Not.

And i also built up the auxiliary coal bin. the wall is made up of stone i found in RGS country.



I had to laugh at your comment about painting the back drop after instead of before. When I built my layout I resided that section of house since we knew at some point we would reside the entire house and doing it before the layout was in was a given. I got it all done except one piece of trim that was being stubborn. I proceeded to build the layout. And now many years later I still need to finish that piece of trim but have been reluctant because there is a layout in the way.

Knowing that Al’s bench height is much closer to the ceiling than mine, this comment would not be a solution for Al.

When I built my bench work I made it capable of supporting over 300 pounds. There have been numerous occasions where I have had to put plywood over the track and climb up on the bench. I try to avoid it as lots of loose scenery needs to be moved and I don’t enjoy being up there. But it is doable.

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the oil tank and gauge are in the way as well. I have a folding ladder that i am going to try. the bench work should support me fine as i was up on it doing static grass last year in Ridgeway yard. backdrop painting will come in spurts, as it is one thing you defiantly need to be in the mood for.