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Illinois Central GP40R

Hope everyone is having a good summer. It’s a little too hot to run trains this week, so I completed another project. Something a little different. :slight_smile:



Just like Steam …Diesels are only a fad …however I still love them !

Nice looking Death Star Shane!!

i hope there is a video

Nice loco Shane . I like the ordinary look ( that’s the only adjective I can think of now ) of the IC paint scheme . Where I live the old E.J.and E. runs through Plainfield Illinois . The C.N . as you know acquired the “E” and the local that runs through town has been powered lately by 2 Illinois Central SD 70 standard cab engines in the black paint. They seem to always have 8 to 10 tank cars going to a local distillery . I’m glad to see them still around . They are usually real shiny clean too , go figure.

David, has anyone ever told you that you sound just like Rooster. (

Thanks Joe. It’s pretty small on this one with the headlight on the nose.

John, I don’t think I’ll do a build video as I didn’t take a whole lot of photos. Hopefully this weekend it will cool down enough to run trains and I can post an action video.

Thanks Mike. Yes, they are very plain, but have a tough look. That’s neat. The SD70’s are pretty common up here too.

Well, after a week of 100+ temps, we had a beautiful 80 yesterday. The new IC unit led the work train fixing sun kinks and rough spots.

I see Rooster has reappeared, and with a period after his name. (

Nicely done. I remember IC black Green Diamond GP-40’s would show up at Water Valley on trains 41/42 every so often. Would love to watch them run.

Thanks Ron. I had to look up that old scheme. That is the first time I have seen it.

I hope to add a couple more IC units to my collection as they are a pretty common sight in Edmonton.

Nice work, although I suspect temperatures to be a bit cooler lately.

Thanks Bruce. Yes, we had a good start. While cool, we didn’t get snow until last week. This week it’s been hovering around the melting point. My layout is closed until spring, but I have lots of winter projects to keep me busy indoors.

Hi Shane

Nice work, what was the source of the plow that you used?



Hi Colin,

That’s an SD40-2 plow ( USA Trains ) that a previous owner had mounted, and I couldn’t break it loose, so I left it. Normally I get my plows from Miniatures by Eric.


Hi Shane

That’s helpful Ill see if I can order a couple




If you’re going with Eric’s, I cut a 1/4" out of the center to make room for the coupler, I drill drain holes in the bottom to help water and dirt escape, and I mount with epoxy.

The plows are too brittle for power drills, so I carefully drill the holes by hand.


Hi Shane

Thanks for info on the plows