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I'd like to introduce myself

Hi I am new here. My name is Devon. My hobbies include planning big projects to death and not completing them. My friends have even coined a term to honor me called Devoning to highlight my exceptional skill at starting things I never finish.

Anyway I just thought I’d say hi. And hopefully meet some nice people here.


Welcome to your new favorite place to sit around and complain about nothing getting done on your railroad because you’re so busy online.

I hear rumors that you dabble in mysterious shortlines around a funny lake name. Sounds like a type of pants or something. Lake Corduroy or something like that weird spelling and sounding…

Lol yep the pantaloon railway.

Welcome Devon! I usually finish my RR projects. It’s the “around the house” projects I never get done. :grinning:

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Well, Sir Devon; it is nice to see your return.
How about lending the Chat Room a few minutes of your “Unfinished Time” for a month or two. It is lacking in reports of how to, maximize “Unfinished” projects, and finding fun ways to involve people in seeing hope in their “Unfinished” modelling efforts.
Drop in and you might even draw a few others to the “Unfinished side of the Hobby”, where having fun, is not meant to be finished !!!

Well not even close to my way of life, I finish just about everything that I start, it makes me feel that I can accomplish things and feel good about it. I apply this to most of my life accomplishments in life, just being there does not even enter my way of thinking. My friends have said many times, how do you get so much done, easy finish one before you start another and don’t let repairs go unfinished around the house, do them as the come up, don’t put anything off, they pile up quick. You will be surprised on how many things you can get done by staying caught up and work ahead and not behind.

Pull up a chair and don your tin hat and enjoy the friendships you will make…
Welcome aboard …

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Welcome back, you were missed!

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Shouldn’t there be SOME mention of a hole in the head? (Asking for a friend) :innocent:

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Welcome Devon!
I personally don’t take a dump without a plan! Sometimes it may be a big project but I will eventually complete it in my own time !
I like the term “Devoning” however I have no friends so you are ahead of me on that aspect!
I do have to complete something as I’m currently Devoning on the toilet.

Amtrak Yoda

Welcome back, Devon!


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Bruce, I seem to remember we had a member here who actually had a hole in his head. I think his name was Devon like the OP. Legend has it, he wandered off into the northern Idaho woods searching for the Fountain of Youth or the Promised Land or something.


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Thats a different conversation for a different day. But the long and short of it is that things aren’t great on that front. Having testing done but not looking promising. May be heading toward another surgery. Let’s hope not. Should know a lot more in the next couple weeks.

I remember that guy, but I think it was Iowa. No rational person could possibly enjoy Idaho

I thought he had that fixed?

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Cheap Chinese valves.

That above comment is screaming Profiling Devon

Yep it most definitely is. Glad it wasn’t misunderstood

Don’t feel bad Devon, I got reamed last week by a historian for marking a big space on a map as “Italian Ranch.” After all, it was pointed out to me, there were many Italians around then, with real names, and who might be offended at such a careless condensing of nationality. But I pointed out that this was what the 1873 map labeled that area, and I was just trying to be accurate with the account.



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