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I wasn't planning on another bash but

I wasn’t planning on another bash, but I saw a Banta Forney wood cab kit on eBay for a ludicrous low price, so…out to the boxes and grab one of my Lil Big Haulers. After adding Big Hauler pistons and pushrods, the cab went together. One reason it was so cheap was it was incomplet. The bunker parts were missing. I didn’t need them. I built a small oil bunker and added a trailing wheel, a few other little details and it looks pretty nice. The LBHs are immensely bashable, it’s one of the best things about them. Simply adding a new cab gives them a completely different character.



Stop this sort of bash immediately! @PeterT sent me a box of scraps that are begging to become something like this! You are throwing off my 2022 modeling goals with stuff like this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That looks Great! One would never guess that is a lil hauler. How did you attach the trailing wheel under the cab?

It’s a trailing wheel from a New Bright engine. It’s attached to small wood block glued to the coupler mount. This is the second LBH I’ve done this to.

Cool bash. I love little tank engines with big low-slung cabs. EBT Dinley #2 has been on my build list for a long time.

I have a big box of New Bright stuff in the attic. I was going to slice them in half on my cheepie band saw and mount them on my house shutters. The band saw belt went south and I could never find a replacement. End of project, start of dust collection.

very cool little forney.


When will it be done !

Looking good and I don’t even like steam. Curious as to what happened to Chloe though?

@Rooster I have received a request to hold all parts on hand for summer vacation.

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Thought it was always summer where those volcanos spew. :sunglasses:

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@David_Marconi_FOGCH Yes, but sometimes it is less rainy!
:palm_tree: :grinning:

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Don’t let Eric fool you. His kid helped build there MIK build in board shorts and barefoot.

Oh and if someone wants to correct me I am all for it. But isn’t a Forney specifically a 0-4-4? I even called it a Forney but you are buying an 0-4-2. And since you butchered the nomenclature you can feel free to ship it to me and I will dispose of it for you

Nope. A Forney is a loco built by Matthias Nace Forney. There’s a wonderful museum in Denver with everything from a Forney 0-4-4T to a Big Boy and other non-railroad stuff:

Yes, most Forneys were 0-4-4Ts. His ‘improvement’ was to put the 4-wheel truck under the tender and run the loco backwards - so it tracked well, like an old-time “American” 4-4-0.



Thanks Peter. I assumed it was always a name like American, mogul, consolidation or such.

Thanks for the information

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Pete, if that is NYC, I have have a nice print of that class of loco hanging in my layout room. I tried to take phone picture of it, but too much reflection. The square panel between the dome and stack is a sign reading Harlem Express.

I’m sure it is NYC. Most of the lines used 0-4-4T Forneys - about 500 of them, I read somewhere.

The wood cab kit is for the Bachmann Forney, I would classify this as a Critter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: