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I want one of these

I want one, both full size and as a model.


Cool, but did you really spend 14 minutes watching it go back and forth :laughing:

Well I want one of these and if I get one and my boy asks me to drive it I will have to tell him “Sure son but you need to purchase your own insurance in case you mess up my new truck”

Now if you want to spend twice the time (14x2=28) watching it go back and forth that’s one you!,calf-dozer-crazy-or-effective-tool-of-its-time_5273.htm

History of the thing

I’d really like one of these - Ripley’s Loader

Hacksmith built one, but they ended up going with tracks.

That exhaust !!! Pharting in your ear all day would get real old real quick!!! I’m thinking a 4 cylinder diesel engine would be much better

Hi All;

This goes into the “Be careful what you wish for.” category. When I worked at Mack Trucks, they were still making off highway trucks. The largest model offered, the M75sx, had a 75ton load capacity. One was ordered with a coal body, then cancelled. It sat on the display pad outside the office through a very wet winter. Then it got sold,

When the drive-away man was sent to retrieve it, he was told, “It’s been wet, you’d better raise the dump body to get out the water.” There was a small ornamental brick wall behind the display pad (About 2.5 feet high and three courses of brick). When the dump body was raised, the water hit the brick wall like a tsunami and flattened it!

Regards, David Meashey