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I want a car like this!

1902 Sterand Loco automobile:

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That is seriously cool be fun to model.

Too fun!

Since it was driven with an inline-4 gas engine, were the outside bars for valve gear?

I briefly skimmed the article. Sounds as if the engine powered an air pump that in turn ran the cylinders. So I think while not steam, it is a “compressed air” loco. So the rods seem to be both operating the valve gear and looks to be attached to a crank arm on the rear wheel to drive it much like a side rod.

I think the siderods are just for show.

"The engine produces a claimed 40 hp, and power is sent to the rear wheels via a two-speed gearbox (with reverse). "


" Although it looks like a steam locomotive it’s actually powered by a 40 hp (or 15.6 hp) Rutenber gasoline engine, a liquid-cooled model that an attached air-compressor of operating the steam whistle and for inflating the tires."

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Interesting bit of history. But I have to wonder how this vehicle was considered a promotional idea for the sale of flux cored solder to the rapidly expanding electrical industry…