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I enter the world of 7/8 Resin w this Feldbahn/Kritter loco kit

Well, this is an entirely new world for me. I’ve never worked with Resin. So having learned of a new little 7/8th scale Feldbahn style, (but bashable), industrial locomotive kit, I bought one. Photos of the kit pieces are best seen in a very recent post, “3D printed,” items, by Joe McCummins. (I got too excited to think to photograph the parts). The kit came from the SWC3DBackshop store on Etsy. I am posting this as a New Topic because the seller has other offerings and I would like to address just his locomotive in the hope, as a Resin-Novice, this might attract comments on working with this medium and modifying/adding locomotive details. The first thing I noticed is that the parts that have any size at all feel, “hefty,” as in substantial. I am accustomed to plastic, always seemingly so light to work with. This kit is different. Second, the parts are very, very crisp with clean corners and exacting fit as each relates to the other. Cab front and motor compartment were assembled and square. Smoothing surfaces with very fine sandpaper surprised me in how well the material worked and how little touch up was needed. I am currently using Zap-A-Gap medium for assembly, however, there may be better options some of you know about. Loco frame/chassis came assembled and drops right over the power truck, then secured with one screw accessible through the inside of motor compartment. Locomotive itself measures roughly 8 inches long, 7 inches high and 4 inches wide. Side frames have nice detail; an air tank is provided to be installed under the running board of one side. Headlight has channel for wiring. I cut a lens from clear plastic using my RapiDesign circle template, Size 14 circle. I added Ozark poling pockets. The exhaust top cap is a small Delco automotive spring loaded oiler left over from my 1950’s Chevrolet distributor lube hole. I added open tool trays tucked under the rear running board of each side. I still need to improve the look of the weathering I’m dealing with for dulling the bright finish of the wheels. I intend to install a ZIMO sound board and the unit will run battery only. I have removed the electrical pick-up shoes. Batteries will fit into engine compartment and there is enough room behind the removable control wall inside the cab to conceal some of the electronics. There is room under the engineer’s seat for added weight and additional room under the frame for the same purpose. I intend to have a self contained locomotive not requiring a battery car. I have had more pure enjoyment from this kit than most other things I have done recently. Perhaps because I do not worry too much about, “rivet counting,” with 7/8 and this locomotive. It is so adaptable to a variety of finished appearances. Both, I believe, Euro or American versions can result. I hope my photographs come through as I have never posted pictures here. It will be a while before I am finished with this little guy, meanwhile I invite ideas and comments regarding working with Resins and this kind of project.


Fun! I better not show this to Kid-zilla. He loves little diesels, and I have enough projects!

I still have a whole bunch of 7/8th scale bits and pieces donated to me by my dear pal Dick smith down in Port Orford - axes, jacks, oil-cans - stuff like that. I’m minded to being a bunch back to Oregon with me next time we are over, and spread the love somewhat.

I’ll do an inventory check this evening and see what I have - maybe something there might catch your eyeball.

Hmmm. just had a look at that loco - not only is it pretty cute, but it’s as cheap as a very cheap thing, easily undercutting the costy 7/8th scale stuff available here in UK by a considerably margin. Sadly, it seems to have been designed around the USA Trains NW2 motor - not available here in UK, and USA Trains have a policy, it seems, of not shipping stuff here any more, possibly because it might be used by terrorists. I have one of their little switchers that has been waiting around three years for parts, including a motor block, and I’m still waiting.

I DO like it though…



Terry, I just talked to Mike and the kit comes with a motor block. Not to worry.

That is correct John. I offer it as a kit with motor block, a kit without motor block, and third option fully assembled and painted.

That darn Mike has a way of getting people addicted to things they had no intention of getting addicted too. Nice Dennis and nice job Mike.

I’ll take the blame for that, Devon. It was me that ventured into 7/8. Mike couldn’t stand that I was the only one.(

John Bouck said:

I’ll take the blame for that, Devon. It was me that ventured into 7/8. Mike couldn’t stand that I was the only one.(

Yes john I know. And now I have to have one.