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This accidentally made me smile. It was the first page I tried after clicking on your mysterious link above, and being on the iPad didn’t see the caption.

I immediately thought it weird that the colouring book depicted a cop with sniffer dog, investigating a derailed Amtrak locomotive, and my mind came up with totally the wrong caption.

After reading the 12 days of MIK, I’m thinking the LSC can provide better caption than the Amtrak colouring book, you know, as uh, a public service.

@Rooster KId-zilla accepts your offering! He is already researching “Acela!”

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This is GOOD!

“I fear it” … however I shall challenge him with my offering from the Amtrak website. He may choose to color what he wishes from the website ! I’ll give him 30 days starting 1/1/2024

Bob Ross ain’t got nothing on me even if I did watch him on PBS while waiting for “Tracks ahead” to come on next!

The boys going down man!

I got this!!!

Amtrak Yoda

Bump for post count and 20 character limit

Kid-zilla accepts your challenge!

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I hear kid-zilla has the inside track on this one. Take the Rooster down Kid!!! :sunglasses: :smirk:

Yes actually… Amtrak Master Class

The guy who did the Amtrak Master Class turned up on the Acela too!

Master Class Guy on Amtrak


This case of AMTRAK-itis is getting worse!!!

What sick, sick, SICK mind does this to a child?!?! :wink: :palm_tree:


Looks like Kid-Zilla got a care package Christmas present Go Kid :smirk: :innocent: :sunglasses: :smiley:
What are you going to put those on???

He’s got more than that !

I even threw in some phase IV stickers.

Eric, it’s not an affliction, my research has uncovered it’s an addiction! But this is the first I’ve heard Amtrak could be “IV”. Did those IV stickers come with a warning?

Clearly DSP&P is not as addicting as Amtrak, or so I tell myself. The good news for the DSP&P user is, there are only sporadic isolated reports that it may lead to addiction. However, as might be suspected, the most serious DSP&P users may become reliant on daily LSC supplements and are always on the lookout for Triple O updates.

Reportedly, Amtrak addiction can occur with one colouring book or sticker even if there is no Amtrak to be found in the area. Apparently it is in “their” interest, for individuals to identify and accept addictions.

I refer you ½ way this page for a compilation of symptoms. HOW TO IDENTIFY AN AMTRAK ADDICTION

Eric, I suspect it’s already too late, and that at some future date we will be looking forward to reading I Was a Teenage Amtrak Addict in Readers Digest.

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Just a reminder for the Mueller boy. He has about a week and 1/2 to go for this challenge !

My boy and I are currently dog sitting and he’s a really cool dog! His name is Rocky and he close to your age Kid-zilla in dog years. The Rockster and I are working on our own Mik trying to figure out how to repurpose and reuse.

However in dog beers I have only had one !

Game on!

The corruption of America’s youth is tragic.

I wanted to play also. So here is my entry into the coloring contest.

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Now it just needs to be rebadged as Durango and Silverton

Excellent work Devon and thanks for playing!!

I love boxers and that is so typical boxer. Lol he’s a keeper.