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Howe Truss Bridge

Bulding a bridge out of white oak, most of the beams are 1/4x1/2” the top and bottom that the rods go into are 1/2x1/2”.

The long beams I stacked and drilled as a set set on my drill press. The diagonals I used the jig in the picture.

Going to make stone abutments to set the bridge on as the trestle I made will be on both ends. Used #6 machine bolts, threaded rod and 3/16” copper rod ( wife’s request, she is part owner of the RR ) to hold it all together. 42 inches long.


Impressive craftsmanship, Mark. Is this built from a set of plans or completely freelanced? Thanks for sharing.

I used the plans from this page Howe Truss Bridge I did make it wider so I could add the walk way.

I love me a good truss bridge. Nice work.