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Holiday Train Displays

This thread is for photos of your club’s holiday train display, or your trains running on a holiday train display. I look forward to seeing what you all have.

I will post my photos later on.

Happy holidays and thank you for posting to the thread.


A word of warning, you can start a thread, but you don’t own it.

How is ‘your’ thread better than the one already started with this topic?

I have changed the wording. Are you referring to Sean’s post/thread?

It was, but


Seasoned Greetings.

I was of the assumption that Sean’s post was more geared toward trains under the tree, so I thought I would start a thread about public displays.

I’m sorry, I decided this wasn’t my issue.

Be Blessed.

An update on the US Botanic Garden train display. I’ve not been there, but here’s their guide to buildings on the layout, their historical basis and material composition.

The theme emphasizes train stations, and here’s an overview video.

The Greeley Freight Station Museum north of Denver up there in Greeley was given a huge and very valuable collection of Department 56 buildings suitable for a Christmas display. I’m planning on taking two of my children and their friends up there to see what they’ve done. Been up there to visit many times and can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with for Christmas! : :

For anyone who doesn’t know about the lay out in Greeley, here’s a video giving a taste of what this place is like:

This is my post from our backyard open house…still have everything set up through New Years…


This is from our Weatherly, PA train display.

So there are TWO “Colorado Railroad Musems”? One in Greeley and one in Golden? Confusing…

The one in Greeley is a MODEL RR museum, like the one in Balboa Park.

Nico Corbo said:

This is from our Weatherly, PA train display.

No FB, No video!

I get it Ken, but they are both called the same name in several places… thanks for unconfusing me!


Your Welcome!..(