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Holiday Lights Express

We spent the last week decorating the outside of the passenger cars with Christmas lights in the back shop. Today, Saturday the 21 of November we pulled the passenger cars out of the car barn and spent the day decorating the inside of the cars. The Parlor Car, the last car we did is beautiful on the inside and happens to be an ex Reading & Pennsylvania doodle bug as you can see by the cow catcher on the front.

The last 2 minutes of the video shows the unusual frogs on the switches in the yard. The guard rails are part of the frog. Something I had never seen before.

Next week the Santa Claus Express will start it’s excursions into the Holiday season.


Wow. Well done. That’s a LOT of work!

They start running at nite on Dec 10, so I’ll have to get down to the station and catch it all lit up :wink: :+1:

The B&O RR Museum has the same ones, (as do most of the main lines these days.) I got to watch the “Wanderer”, a 4-4-0 from 1864 which was still steaming after the Wild Wild West movie rebuild, going through the yard and having it’s wide blind drivers banged sideways by those flangeways.

Here we are making a last minute check on things. All hooked together and making sure everything is working.

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That’s really beautiful lit up like that!

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Indeed, beautiful.

Ken buddy, it’s sad you couldn’t see it for Christmas, but I know you looked down and saw all those happy folks who enjoyed your wonderful work.


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