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High-tech micro work light

I’ve been needing something for lighting while I’m cutting molds for wax injection. Found these puppies at Lowes today - three for $4. They are LED lights & run on one AA battery. That’s scrap Romex its attached to. I was fresh out of electrical tape, so I had to improvise with blue painters’ tape.

I just looked for these and came up with nothing that looked like them.

Lots of Christmas lights though.

Please post a name, SKU, aisle you found them on…


UPC: 755284015454

Used Amazon to locate:that UPC Ecolight 3-pack

Lowes -

Typed in both the sku # and then the model # (from Don’s link) into the search field

sku = reprod’ antique door knobs, and the other was a corded puck light … sometimes these corp. search services — suck ! Only the UPC came back with, “no results” , on the site.


LOL only available in the USofA, I guess !?

doug c

SKU’s are an internal number, assigned by the merchant. May not mean anything where you’re looking.

Doug, try the words instead.

Maybe Lowes.CA uses different #s, a little bit our common colourful language:-)

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Drive got too long.

They now stream some of the concerts.

Look at the links youtube has for similar concerts.