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Herself’s Pretty Train with Broken O-ring

I’ve just unpacked herself’s second “pretty train” the spectrum Eureka & Palisade 4-4-0, just for display on a bridge and found part of a very small O-ring in the box.

Does anyone who has taken these apart know where the O-ring should reside? I’ve also placed it on the tender for size comparison.

If you can’t see where it goes it’s not necessary, until a rivet counter shows up and says the Frammis valve is missing the ring, then after kicking him out toss it after him!

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Knob counters will be the death of the fun of this hobby

Devil’s advocate…When folks say O-ring to me, it implies some sort of seal. Is there some sort of through-hull fitting, like the tender trucks or cable run, that need to be water-resistant to protect internal electronics? I say this knowing nothing about this locomotive.


Nothing was obvious. I can’t find an exploded parts diagram on Bachmann.

Looking at it, it comes across as a museum piece with lots of attention to detail. The E&P just feels quite fragile, especially the pilot truck. It’s a challenge to flip over without risking something snapping. We will give it a thorough check-up and see how it runs in fair weather and look for places that look like they should be sealed.

Thanks Eric.

Is that hard plastic or rubber? Even with your answer I have no idea.

It’s a soft rubber.


Bill, I’m pretty sure it’s a C-ring now…

Nice loco choice. I saw her steam up in… June of 22, right Jim? Spectacular loco… She was running with sis loco Glenbrooke, that’s the BM model I want…

C-ringe! Cliff.

Back to the basement :rofl:


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I saw a picture on the D&S line. Am I correct, it’s been retired?

I have taken apart and put together about half-a-dozen of these, and I don’t recall any O-ring.

(I love that pic - can’t believe we got it back together and working!)

Bachmann mixes up the info and parts on the 4-4-0, the old 2-6-0, and the ‘new’ 2-6-0 (which has a better electronics setup in the tender.) They also mix diagrams on the Product Reference section as well as the Parts section. The Product Reference has 6 diagrams for the 2-6-0 plus the wiring diagrams from the 4-4-0.

Note that the 2-6-0 and the 4-4-0 are pretty much identical, except for the wheels. So look at the 2-6-0 diagrams.

Bachmann really went to town on the Spectrum 4-4-0 and 2-6-0. They are a bit fragile - I roll them over on to a piece of foam. Upside down you need to support the roof and the stack, as the whistle is not brass and will break, not bend. The tender steps break off, but are available from B’mann Parts.

It’s also one of the more valuable versions. :grin:

It visits the D&S and the C&T on a regular basis. It’s privately owned, so I guess that classifies as retired?

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I’d call that an exploded diagram.

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Being a modeler first and a runner second, I believe I could get it taken care of with just a good visual look at the engine/tender. My suspicion is, it probably doesn’t go on that engine, but also how it is broken (in two) makes my question how it would be broken like that and just a display piece for most. Sometimes O Rings are used like rubber bands and stretched over two post to put tension and hold things together, or as a spacer, not as a seal as most are used for.

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I don’t know about the model… But when I was helping Dan on the real Eureka a couple of years back, I can tell you… .here was NOT a single “O” ring on the original…

1870’s tech… simple and functional…

Are you sure it’s not a dead insect? I’ve seen small things like that in boxes.