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Help with Phoenix PB9

I have a problem with a Phoenix PB9 in my LGB F7, it’s run on track power NCE DCC system with a Digitrax DCC board.

The engine sounds quit working if the locomotive stops operating momentarily like with a derailment or similar situation. By that I mean the actual sound of the prime mover accelerating decelerating, it just makes the engine idle sound for awhile then shuts off. All the other sounds, like horn, bell, announcement ect, still work fine after you get it moving again but the engine sounds don’t.

The only way to get it working again is to remove it from the track and let it keep making sounds until the back up battery runs out of juice.

I tried using f12 to shutoff the engine sound but it does nothing, probably the previous owner changed the function outputs.

Is there a way to reset the function outputs back to defaults?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Go to the Phoenix website and download the manual. there is a section on configuring w/o the pc. i have never tried this and always used the programing cord.

can you not disconnect the backup battery with a toggle switch? that would be my first change. also look at how it is wired in. the phoenix battery should only support the board when it senses input.

Al P.