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Help With LED Headlites

First off, I barely know enough to not stick my finger in a light socket. I burned out some LEDs that were to be headlights on an MP-54 by running track current right through them.
So as I’m looking through my “stuff”, I found this plastic bag with a piece of paper that I wrote “Voltage Regulator & Rectifier & LED Lights”. No instructions. That is why I am coming to this community looking for help.

This board was in a sealed bag, I think it came with the thing I think is the rectifier and LEDs. At least I know what an LED is, that’s one out of three.
Here’s the suspected recitifier.

So, being as I can identify an LED:
How do I go about wiring the LEDs as headlights? Remember, keep it simple.
Thanks for any help.

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NOW I know what I’ve been doing wrong! Shocking, eh? :innocent:

That big board is a voltage regulator. It was overkill for a LED but I guess it could be used.

The simple method would be to wire in a 2.2k resistor in either side of the LED.

Even simpler is to buy some same size LED’s from Evan Designs for $2.00 each that have the resistor wired and shrink wrapped and a nice long wire added to it, you will tell them how they are getting power and they will hook you up

I will second Pete’s recommendation on using Evan Designs (for what it is worth) used them for years and they are always quick to respond and very helpful and patient with a novice.

I was hoping that someone could post a simple set of instructions on how to hook these up.

I usually use a 480 ohm resistor it’s that simple. Doesn’t matter if you hook it to the positive or negative side either one will drop the voltage.

Let me say here, I use none of these so called voltage regulators, etc., just something to add to lighting that is not needed when you can just use 12V LED’s (3mm and 5mm size LED’s, 12 v) and 100 ohm resistors, the resistors are used to adjust the light output of the LED’s and reduce voltage which is what is happing when you use resistors. There are both soft white and bright white LED’S, I mostly use the bright white ones. You won’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this, LED’s only have two leads, the longer one is the one the power goes in, don’t worry it you get it backward, nothing happen and it won’t light, just reverse the power leads. The resistor can go on either LED lead, I usually put them on the long lead, I just wire all them the same. You can get all of this on eBay, get the resistors in packs of many Ohms ratings, 25,50,75, 100, etc., just gives you better voltage and light brightness adjustment, the LED’S can be purchased in both 3mm and 5mm, I use the 5mm on headlights and the 3mm for all other lights, get the ones with the wire leads already attached, this just makes wiring easier. LED’s are usually priced around $12 for 20, resistors are priced somewhat the same. Watch videos on YouTube on LED install in model trains, many out there, just watch several to get the info that will work for you. If you need help on which ones to order I will look them up for you, just ask, plus you do not want to order electronics that come directly from China, order U S only, from China takes 30 plus days and you may never get them.

Thank you, John.
I will run down to Radio Shack after lunch.

You have a real Radio Shack store???

I purchased LED’s on eBay like this, I would get the 3mm and 5mm white lights, Is Radio Shack still in business, all ours close the the Ft. Worth area. These a $8.99 and free shipping are at a great price. I see they are shipped from the U S. 20Pcs 1.8mm 2mm 3mm 5mm 8mm 10mm Pre Wired LED DC9-12V Lights Emitting Diodes | eBay Resistors are all available on eBay.

Radio Shack was a joke. As far as I know they are completely gone. Like Eckerd, EJ Korvette’s, Grand Union, FW Woolworth, JJ Newberry, and my personal favorite ----- Crazy Eddie - His Prices Are Insane!

Come on Lou…you forgot Earl and Cookie Puss !

Young padawan - The resistor limits the current to what is safe for the LED. Voltage change is minmal.

Well my suggestion was for a complete novice, simple and easy to get them all set up properly and with the correct resistor already shrink wrapped and ready to install. If he wants to get the resistors/ regulators and the shrink tubes and heat gun and solder them on then by all means go for it. As a complete novice I was suggestion a easy way to get things done at or close to same cost others have suggested

I agree. I buy pre-wired 3mm and 5mm LEDs from china.

Thanks, Pete. I am looking at them.