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Help Identifying Decoders

I picked up a LGB F7 a couple of years ago and finally got around to putting it in service this week but I forgot the details of the engine.

I know it has DCC and sound but I need some help identifying these 2 decoders. I opened up the loco and it was definitely a professional install.

I think the sound card is a Phoenix because of the excellent sound quality and the number of features but I couldn’t find a part number anywhere easily visible and I didn’t want to tear apart the engine.

The same applies to the DCC decoder excellent install put no markings that I could see on the decoder.

Everything is working perfectly I’d just like to know manufacturer and model Incase I have any issues later.

Thanks, Ron

I can’t help with the DCC decoder, but that is definitely a Phoenix sound board. Looking at the Phoenix site, I’m pretty sure that it is a PB9. No longer in production. This is a photo of a PB9 from the Phoenix site:


The manual is on-line here:

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Thanks a lot.

I went through my old emails and found the one from when I bought it on eBay, and it does say “LGB PRR F7 with DCC and Phoenix sound” in title unfortunately the link was no longer active so couldn’t get details on it.

No ideas on the dcc decoder guys?

Wish I did, Ron. Sorry I can’t help.

You might email what photos and documentation you have to the folks at, attention to Dan Pierce. He’s super knowledgeable on things LGB and associated electronics / DCC.


Take the locomotive to a DCC programming track and read the values of CV7 and CV8. That will provide you a good idea of what decoder you have and who made it.


Stan thanks for the reply, but I think a few words got messed up what does “orivude tiy” mean, Thanks.

Ron, I believe it was meant to be ““provide you””…

Ahh ok,
I got the values for cv 7 and cv 8, cv 8 is 129 so I’m guessing it’s a Digitrax decoder?

Looks like it’s a Digitrax DG583S, thanks for all your help :+1: