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Heisler front truck came off!

When I put one of my Heislers on the track just now the front truck came off! Looks like there are 4 tiny screws that mount the truck to the underside of the chassis that worked their way out of which I found 3. Would Bachmann parts have these tiny screws?

It appears there is a large center screw that the mount with the 4 tiny screws hold on to. I don’t see how I can get in there to screw the mount back on to the chassis. I’ve included some pictures hopefully that show this issue.

Timmy, you should get hold of the exploded diagram to figure out the 4 screws. I believe the Heisler is one of the models that uses Bachmann’s useless 4 plunger system to pass track power to the loco pcb and motor power back to the truck. They tend to get dirty and stop working, so only one truck works. They have nothing to do with the truck pivot.

Googling “bachmann spectrum heisler front truck removal” gets you the first result:

Thanks Peter,

It’s not that the truck stopped working, it’s that the 4 mounting screws apparently worked their way out. I found 3 of them. I followed the link you posted and it does indeed talk about how to remove the truck but it does not include a picture or exploded view even though it apparently did at one time. However, I have found it by doing a search. Looking at it however, I can’t see how one would get the 4 screws screwed back in with such a narrow space.

Contact Bachmann service for the missing screw.

I have reached out to Bachmann. However, the missing screw is not the only issue. The issue after getting the screw is how to attach the track back on. There is zero clearance to allow the screwing in of the 4 screws. I have the exploded view of the Heisler but it does not really show how to attach the truck. I’ve been searching on the internet for instructions, pictures and or videos of Heisler truck replacement to no avail.

I believe you have to take the truck apart and attach the top then reassemble the truck… You did have to do that on the climax

I chatted with TOC yesterday. This is what he said to re-mount the Heisler truck:

It’s complex. The frame bolster that the truck attaches to, that spans the frame side rails, needs to come out.
There are screws through side rails, horizontal, depending on version and truck, 2-3 per side per end.
Then you can remove the bolster from the truck, re-attach contact assembly to bolster, then truck, the bolster back into frame.

He said he would do it for me. Thanks Dave! I will see him tomorrow. If he let’s me I will video the procedure.

After you see Dave, please let us know how he’s doing. We miss his crotchety old self around here!

How IS Dave? Can he really do it? Cool!

I did see Dave and he did re-attach the Heisler Truck for me. It was good seeing and chatting with him. He says he has his good days and bad days.