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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year !!!

Haouli makahiki hou!

Happy New Year all for 2023

Happy New Year everyone. This new year I got an early Christmas present, my premie grandson Theo.


Wayne, is that a Hess train that you are resting on! Toot! Toot! (Or Barp! Barp!)

Yes, that is a Hess plush. Not sure why, but I’m still spending money for Hess trucks every year. This year I got my grandson his first Hess truck and this plush. I think this is the third year for the plush toys. He’ll have to wait a couple years to have at the truck, but he can dive into the train plush now!

Happy New Year to all! Looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings to our railroads.

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Yeah, what HE said!

Best new year’s wishes to all my great friends on this great site,

Happy New Year everyone!
Congratulations Wayne

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Happy New Year to one and all.

Happy New Year to all! I’m off to Georgia to see if you can work on a train on a 36’ boat . . .