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Hanging With FOGS

Was hanging with FOGS (freaking old guys) this past weekend and I figured I would just start another thread instead of speaking parables and throwing out bread crumbs!

DO YOU HAVE A FOG moment …clip … book to share… If so post it up !

Cliff is invited but it requires knowing a FOG for a 7.5 year minimum!


It was good seeing you both. Wish you had stayed longer, but adventure awaits! I also wish I had gotten a haircut before that picture, but hey.

If word hasn’t gotten around already, on Wednesday Marilyn, Ralph and myself went down to Cumberland, MD to ride the Western Maryland Scenic. On the way back my car started acting up and by the time I was heading over the mountains from Rockhill to Saxton where we were camped, it was barely able to climb the hills. I had it towed in the morning and got a rental. Kia in Altoona had the car 5 business days to replace a failed fuel pump. We had to extend our stay by three nights and just got home this evening.

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Glad it wasn’t worse Jon. Did you put the extra days to good use? :sunglasses:

Wait a minute, Roost!
We have a FOG group out here too! (Freaking Old Geezers) and you have to be a FNG (prospect) for 10 years to get your patch!.

BTW, it’s good to see the Eastside boyz together.

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Partially. On Monday we ran all over the place extending the rental car and getting emergency refills on a bunch of meds. Tuesday we had a nice relaxing day hanging at the campground. Wednesday I took the rental back and picked up my car, then had a cook-out in the evening. Thursday was almost 9 hours on the road with traffic.