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Had These Beautys Delivered the Other Day

Audio is my real passion and my love for JBLs and Altec goes back to the 60’s. In ~1973 I laid down some synthesizer tracks for a friend at Momma Jo’s Studio in North Hollywood. They used Altec “Super Big Reds” which were a special aftermarket endevor.

I found a studio going out of business and selling off their equipment. For $700 for the pair, including a custom made electronic crossover, custom made high frequency contouring units, and all the cables with dual banana plugs, I had these delivered to my living room. BTW, the cabinets are 5’2" and weigh over #300 each. Those are 15" woofers.

Back in the early 70’s it just didn’t get any better than this:

That’s a sweet sound, Todd. It’s hard for me to have a true appreciation for the tunes coming out of those vintage speakers while listening through a cheap set of pc speakers, but I can hear enough to know it’s prett darn good. Thanks for sharing.

Cool. I share that love for vintage gear. Just out of college in the 70’s I tried to convince my dad to loan me the cash to buy out a system of home brew reflex cabinets with Altec 15’s and Voice of the Theater horns plus a pair of 200 watt Altec amps. He loaned me the cash but insisted I earn the money to pay him back by renting them out. That started a 10 year stint in the pro-audio business, I still have a tiny bit of Altec gear hanging around, but alas, no cabinets.

I’d like to see the sound card and loco that those go with…


Really cool Todd, you’ll have a blast with those!

Ah, Blues! My absolute favorite music. Tell us about the telescope sometime.