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Guest Power on the Triple O

We had a rare event on Saturday…foreign power on the Oberammeragau, Ogden & Olomana RR! In its entire existence, we’ve only ever hosted one other train, an estate sale B’mann circus train that was destined to return to its box, so this was a big event!

Anyway, a friend of mine was out here on business. His railroad has been layed up for a year for professional reasons, so he was anxious to run trains. Our R1 curves limited what he could bring, so he packed his Shay which was midway through a 'bash. The Oahu Rail & Land Co. had two of these beasts on the pineapple run to Wahiawa, so, of course, I insisted he bring it! Of course, given how rare an opportunity it is to host others, I would have gladly let him run whatever would fit!

We prepped the Triple O with a lot of US-profile gear:

Kid-zilla helped with the unpacking and declared the beast fit to serve…

He and his brother got a quick lesson on the R/C controller…

…and my buddy and I enjoyed some refreshing beverages and a pizza while the boys handled the railroad!

The big Shay had a problem servicing the sugar mill, where it tended to ride up on the points, but, other than that, it was a lot of fun for everyone. I am really, really leaning towards R/C as the “big move” in 2022 (after the Mik, of course!)!

Anyway, please enjoy a rare “run what you brought” day in what may be the hobby’s remotest outpost!

Our engineers bring the Shay into the M&K sugar mill complex…

The big fella’ waits for Komaka Iki to clear the mill before heading out to the mainline with a load of sugar-laden box cars:

Kid-zilla brings the loaded train into Haluku’ilio where the the sugar will leave for foreign ports (BTW, he loved the ability to ring bills, blow whistles, blow down the boiler, etc!):

And, only because I’ve yet to try a video, here’s our guest rounding Bandit Curve with a load of sugar and beverage!
Video: Guest Power Pulls Sugar and Beverage

Meanwhile, we discussed trains, beverage, and the state of the hobby, all a rare treat for me (with the exception of discussing beverage…that seems to be hobby agnostic!).

Have a great week!



Absolutely features with very high “kid appeal” :grin:

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Wonderful time. Your railroad looks great!

The video was not there as you posted, only a picture of your friend unwrapping his Shay.

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A lot of fun. It looks huge on your layout. But I love your layout for the very compactness of it. It shows that the rules are “merely guidelines” and garden railroads don’t have to have 15 foot radius curves to work.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hmmmm…maybe this? Video Take 2

I tried to fix it in the original post, too. Both links work for me.


It appears you uploaded it to one drive? You might try youtube, and then put the URL to the video on its own line with no text before or after.

I worry that one drive has lots of requirements for folks to be logged in to one drive. Or it is just that the software that LSC is created from doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Or maybe I’m misinterpreting the url from your “Video Take 2” link…

Thanks. Sharing from OneDrives seems to be hit-or-miss.

I see the Take2 video just fine. :+1:

I just retried the 1st video. Now OK too. Thanks. :+1:

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Eric, looks great, I pulled out some old pix of the layout in Tom Trigg’s day and what a change. Glade you were able to host a friend to the triple “O”, always exciting when you get to show off your work. Thanks for the share, Bill

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments! This has been a fun running exercise in the art of the possible, and, yes, it was fun to show it off to fellow enthusiasts in person and to even let one of them enjoy our efforts and add to its history by running his own model!


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