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Grass replacement?

I thought I would see if anyone on this forum has had success replacing traditional grass seed with a low growing ground cover that holds up well to foot traffic. Our yard (approx. 2000 sq ft) is in need of some good tlc after spending 4 years of neglect from our renters when we lived out of state. So I’ve finally convinced the wife that we need to spend some money getting the yard looking decent with some curb appeal. Just a few days ago I was thinking about ripping out the existing weed/lawn and reseeding. But a green looking lawn requires watering and maintenance… Besides the fact the my wife has allergies to long and fresh cut grass.

So I asked her today if she would consider planting a hardy ground cover that is a grass substitute as she thinks that we have to have “grass”. She seems to think that of we end up selling in a few years that if we don’t have “grass” potential buyers will be put off.

Long story short, but does anyone have any suggestions for a grass substitute? Can handle moderate foot traffic, looks “green”, and preferably drought tolerate. My first thought that comes to mind is either blue star creeper, or a hardy thyme/mint.

I was going to suggest a thyme of some sort. Look for plants called “Stepables.”

Dymondia looks good, stays low, is drought tolerant, and you can walk on it.

You also see chamomile where the C-16 unloads at the hot springs as well as many types of thyme throughout the railroad. You see dymondia around our volcanos.

I had a couple of stepables in the past. A lemon, and mint thyme, along with a fern like one. They did pretty good, but the lemon didn’t like full sun. I’m not sure how well they stood up to walking as they were just small patches along the garden railway.

My mom and dad have blue star creeper and that grows pretty good by neglect.

I thought someone on LCS posted about a similar idea a few months ago?