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Grass killer?

Wendell Hanks said:

Anyone use PREEN weed preventative?

We, in So. Calif., have had good results spreading the finely ground “pellets” on the tilled ground around the broad-leaf plants. So far no plants dying. It is promoted as a pre-emergent product (not to be confused with federal Obama Care rules). PREEN is the brand name. Home Depot carries it.

PREEN works only in Gluten tolerant gardens. My garden is Gluten intolerant.

So, why am I bringing up this four year old thread? To pass on some new to me info.

I was at a club meeting, today, and learned something interesting. I asked our hostess how she kept the grass out of her ornamentals and groundcover. Her response…a new to me product from Ortho called Grass-B-Gon. Just spray the grasses directly, and problem solved. Avoid drowning your ornamentals and groundcovers.

The usual safety stuff applies, dust mask, eye protection, chemical proof gloves, long pants and shoes. Shower when done.


After treatment follow up with some Preen or Casoran for pre-emergence. Carefull of dosage. My layout is about to get some generic roundup from Home Depot. Way cheaper. I think it is HDX???

Paul, Steve is talking about killing grass, not weeds. Many of the pre emergents are for weed seeds.

So, are you saying that Preen won’t take care of pre-emergent grasses, David?

Thanks for the tip, Paul. It will probably take two applications to remove the grasses. I’ll take before and after shots. BTW, they say don’t mow the grass before application.

Don’t mow the grass after application??? Thank yew Lawd, now I can sell my mower and enjoy summer without…oh, that’s not whatcha ment??? Dang!!!


Actually, I find Preen to be a really good product. Three applications of Preen - March, June, September - and my flowerbeds and railroad beds stay pretty much weed free. Otherwise, I’m walking around with my stupid weed sprayer feeling like I’m singlehandedly killing the environment every few weeks.

Other good part: I can’t tell this week’s weed from next week’s flower. Preen makes the decision for me.

Now the bad news: I go thru an entire pail of Preen to maintain my RR and flower beds, etc. Three pails at close to thirty bucks per pail, plus tax. The things I do to keep the neighbors happy. (I can’t complain. They don’t squawk about what a crappy lawn I have.)

Steve, I don’t know, but most weed killers kill weeds. Many are formulated to not harm grass.

This product will take care of multiple grasses.

Well, the Grass-b-Gone works. Slowly, but it works.