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Got my "L" plates today

Today I got my “L” plates to learn how to drive this;

50 hours of log book time with a mentor started today with a logging of 2 hours pushing the leaf blowing machine around the railway circuit, learning the gearing and throttle settings for track gradients and when to sound the horn at road and pedestrian crossings.

Ultimate goal is for me to join the drivers roster drive a train of fare paying passengers.

Baby steps at the moment, after this my next ambition will be to move onto being a fireman then eventually a driver on the steam locos (already on the roster to light up the steam locos).

A lifelong desire/ambition may finally come to pass.


Awesome, GAP! I am hoping someday to follow this example on out own tourist line. Of course, none of our surviving steam locos will ever run again…


Awesome! That’s a cool little loco. What railroad is this?

It is the Australian Sugar Cane Railway located in the botanical gardens of Bundaberg Queensland Aust.