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It seems Google has ‘updated’ the searh to make it ‘more relevant’. That means any time I search for a prototype railroad item, like a Bettendorf truck, all I get is results from model train sources, like Kadee or Walthers!!! Really annoying.


I have found the same thing

Perhaps time to switch search engines? (LOTS of choices)

Im finding the same thing. I’m getting more stores that sell XXX, than information about how to use XXX, or what happens when XXX has a problem. Annoying.

Duck duck go
Answers without ads

In my humbal opinion

Firefox with duck duck go and turnoff all other search engines in Firefox.

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It’s not ads that Google is dishing up. Their algorithm has decided that all I ask about is model-train related, so that’s what they give me.


FYI, you can tell google to avoid words by adding a minus, like -model

Or you can require words or phrases by putting them in quotes, “bettendorf trucks” for example.

Not sure if these help…