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GONE - New Bright cars

These came in an auction with a 4-4-0 loco I was after (more about that later.) 2 boxcars, 2 cabooses. Free to a good home - you just pay shipping. Anyone want them before I put them in the recycling bin?

I think there’s a certain railroad way out west in the Pacific that needs those…

Some kitbash fodder for the "“can’t cut a straight line” Playmobil crew. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a big box full of them in my attic. Got the same deal from TOC years ago and the shipping almost bankrupted me! My plan was to slice them in half and mount on a wooden plaque to decorate the shutters on our house. Then my band saw quit and the project was forgotten until now. Band saw is still broke and I have tons of other projects on the to-do list. A few of them live on my indoor as shacks and offices.

Good idea, Jon.

I wonder if anyone’s ever used roofless cars for little planter boxes? Maybe on some Newbright track? Might be fun looking, with some thyme or other small plant.

I’m sure he’ll see the post and get in touch if interested. We’ve been talking about coaches so he can make that OR&L Observation. [Plan was posted, but I can’t find it any more!]

I’d be interested. They still available?

Yes, if the guy in Hawaii doesn’t want them, and I don’t think he does. Send me a Message, please.


LSC has a guy in Hawaii ?

Is it Guy Wire or Guy Fieri ?

Absolutely. Der Kaiser lives and runs trains on Oahu.

@PeterT ,

Thanks for thinking of us! As we’ve been discussing via e-mail, the Triple O crew has been considering:

  1. an OR&L inspired observation coach,
  2. an OR&L inspired passenger coach, and
  3. an inspection loco (also loosely based on the OR&L tram that ran in Pearl City).

I am not sure these items advance any of those projects. I’ll show the gang the photos to see if someone has a plan beyond adding clutter to the house. Everyone is down for the evening, but, if you don’t hear from me in the next 24-36 hours or so, please do send them along to Vic (@VicSmith )!

Thanks for letting me know these were out there!


Pete (@PeterT ),

After consultation with the 1:1 crew, we had no immediate use for these cars with the end of our building year fast upon us. Thanks for alerting me that these were in your possession!

I love forward to seeing what Vic (@VicSmith ) does with them!


Is there such a thing in Hawaii? I thought it was awesome weather all year round!

Vic (@VicSmith ) sent you a PM.

Any tank cars Pete. I would like some.

Nice to see you, Jerry!

Haven’t seen any recently.

Hi Peter replied to your message

New Bright single dome tank car Vic

Hi Dave, are you looking for one of these?

Nope thought you were