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Glow in the dark decals?

Anyone know of any decal makers that have Glow in the Dark lettering? I’m tired of waiting for somebody to make a Halloween coach, and bored with yet another boxcar, I’ve decided I will repaint a coach. I’m thinking of using that Glow-in-the-Dark Krylon spraypaint for the body, black for the trim and glow in the dark lettering on top of the black. Fill it with some UV LEDs and some spooky figures. But, I need a decal source first. Transylvania RR 65000 coming through!

Being a model painter I’ve never ran across paint that glows in the dark, but it is possible that Tamiya model paints in there military colors could have something like that. As far as decals go on something, if places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby don’t have lettering like that, I wouldn’t know where to go.

I am not affiliated but I’ve seen it out there :sunglasses:

I think that paint could work for what you want it for, I would have a stencil made by a decal shop, put it on the model, apply paint with a sponge by dabbing it on, then pull off the decal sheet, do make sure you remove the decal before the paint completely dries, Remember light dabbing, don’t blob it on, you will not be able to pull the decal off successfully.

Interesting John, I’ve not heard of that kind of service. Can you recommend such “shops”?

[edit] Actually, perhaps a Cricut or Silhouette cutter might be able to cut stencils like that, as long as the the odd “island” bits were connected to the surrounding material…

Way back in the day, John Allen used some kind of paint on his HO Gorre & Daphetid RR that would kick with UV lighting. It was very effective with building windows. Don’t know whether it is available today (John passed away in 1973). The stuff probably causes cancer in California.

Best, David Meashey

He used fluorescent paint