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Giant root borer beetle

The other night I found a large Giant Root Borer beetle on our driveway. They make an interesting screeching sort of sound when disturbed. I shot a brief video so you can hear it:

Ray, one day you are going to bend down to look into one of your building windows and that thing is going to jump out and clamp on to your nose for payback! Neat video.

Lol simple amusements. Ray I think you and I would vet along grand. That is exactly is exactly the sort if thing I would do

Oh man. That thing will suck out your brain in no time…or so I’ve heard. (, it gave it back!

My middlest daughter found something like that a couple weeks ago. After she got us all to go see it she wandered off for few moments and came back with her pop gun to defend us!

Its a alien!

So, what kind of noise do you make when it disturbs you?