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GATX Pressure Slide "Whale belly" Hopper 1:29 - 3d printed

This was on my list of must-haves having encountered these unique dry bulk cars while railfanning in Maine.
Built in the late 60’s , the original owners were Seaboard and CB&Q. Dragon Cement acquired a number of them in the late 90’s but they are currently stored and will likely be scrapped as the cement train in Rockland has ceased operation.
While hunting for references I was contacted by David Lotz of Q connection who offered to send me all the research material he had gathered to produce his N scale kit. This enabled me to fill in a few “unknowns’” to complete the model. I’ve designed it to be printed (almost) entirely with FDM and have shared the files on Printables.


Dan, very nice. at this point how big of a car can you do in one piece?


Looks great! What printer do you have?

Thanks guys!
So many have purchased the Creality Ender 3 Pro by my recommendation I feel obligated to design to fit that printer. It’s a short car but the main shell must be printed in 2 pieces.
I have recently acquired a Creality CR10 v3 which enables me to print the main shell together.

322mm high (22 Hour print)

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Great looking car, Dan, and awesome design. What layer height did you use?

Thanks Dan! I have recommended LH for each part on Printables. The main body I used .2 but could go higher as It gets a coat of Bondo spot putty anyway.

It is interesting that the tank cars in Japan are mostly whale bellied. I guess since EMD and GE designed locomotives differently for other countries, so did rail manufactures.

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Bravo Dan,

Yet another great car you have produced. Your work inspires me.

Loading gauge often influences the loco and rolling stock design. In Japan the maximum height restriction is lower than the US so if more capacity is desired they add underneath.

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Added 5 more Dragon cement hoppers to the fleet and a CSX “weiner” one.


I was amazed when I saw your Dragon cars at NELSTS, such jaw-dropping detail and craftsmanship.

You sure know your stuff, Dan, my hat’s off to ya.

great stuff. where are the decals from they are teriffic

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and any change the cylindrical hoppers will make it to Printables. those prints have really elevated my railroad. you are now my go to manufacturer of 1/29 scale rolling stock

Thanks Cliff! That’s quite a complement as I consider you a far more skilled modeler than I.

I make all my own decals with a color laser printer and water slide decal film.

Most of the parts for my cylindrical hoppers are cut from sheet plastic with a CNC.

Well, you’ve got the technique down. Nice and crisp!

I’ve always been envious of your print work. Very nice job.

Not a chance Dan, but thanks for saying it, hahahaa!

I will say Dan does some incredible models/rolling stock …

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